Lammas on Arran

We are going to Arran for the Psychic & Holistic Fayre, we are so happy to be going there mainly because we haven’t been before, I know crazy isn’t it to be so close and yet never to have been, but that is the way of the world is it not?  We rarely explore so close to home. We shall though, be performing a wee water ceremony which you can participate in.It’s all very simple, what you need is some water from a nearby source, and that can be tap water if you are not by a river or pond – oh and if you are going to a pond please make sure you don’t disturb the frogspawn or other wee formulating beings that may be about it’s getting close to that time.

I digress as usual. You can do this at home too! If you cannot be with us on Arran get onto the page @theshamanshut Facebook of course and tell us what your ceremony involves, where you are going to be and if you are bringing friends and making it a sharing thing which is a great thing to do, we all need water after all. Just remember please tread softly and take away any litter, even some that isn’t yours just to help out a little. The Water Sprites and Fae will be so happy they may even make you a gift of wonderful happenings – who knows?


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