I received a gift today.  Such a gift it is filling my heart. I have many friends and they have been with me through some challenging times – each one brings their own unique perspective. I love them all. Each one inspires me and supports me in so many ways. I was pondering gratitude and synchronicity today as I spoke to someone on the phone, all at once I heard myself speak of Warriors and the understanding that Warriors do not go blindly into battle, even knowing the probability of their death they go in strength, faith and hope. The Warrior looks for the signs of the adversary and uses those signs to show the way to other Warriors who may face that adversary themselves.

These were, in paraphrase my words and then this afternoon my very talented friend (and yes all my friends are so talented in so many ways) writer, poet, Mother, Grandmother sent me this:

The Sacred Circle

See the Circle –  female warriors who know and understand

our fearful beating hearts,

and bid us welcome,

drum us home.

Sit in circle – stand as one, find wounds are healed

by loving hands that

show us symbols, point the way,

when we feel lost or fearful.

We are the Circle – are the Cycle; so pass on wisdom,

speak your truth,

Create and celebrate your beauty,

wholeness, power.

C.D Johnstone  26/04/17   

I have no words to tell her how blessed I feel for these words and I share them with you Warrior Women and Men who live each day in your beauty, wholeness, power and your Truth. I am honoured to be on this journey with you


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