Turn on! Tune in…

Turn on Tune in…

Turn on, tune in – the two things we have to do for ourselves. Our receptors have been getting re-tuned to whichever wavelength the adults, peer groups we are in sway to, have been dialling. We have to get control of the switch again.

Is that what teenage rebellion is about? Is that what he ‘mid-life crisis is about?

We end up doing things for so many people who are actually enslaving us – indoctrinating us, so that we shall continue the same life/lifestyle choices that they too were indoctrinated into. How can we dare to be other than that which is the norm, the known, we should know our place and we are consistently told what that place is.

The key to freedom is CHOICE!

Very few people, particularly young people understand ‘choice’.

For children their whole world is as big as their parents (and hopefully, extended family) will themselves allow/ understand if they are wounded – wings clipped (see any Jeremy Kyle programme) then they have only the emotional stultification of anger and frustration that spirals into the BLACK HOLE that is depression and Soul loss. Few manage to escape, but they do.

Something, someone, somewhere touches their Soul; lights up a small corner of their imaginations. They get a taste, a flavour of a different way of being. Of these few some will not sustain – that old Daemon of ‘Who do you think you are?’ Again, ‘know your place and keep it’, and the most potent and debilitating of all, ‘It’s your DUTY to do this for me after all I have done for you’.

We download the guilt app very early in life, possibly while still in the womb.

But, what of the contract? The Soul contract! That thing that some might call Karma: where does it come into the equation? Everything in the Universe has to balance, perhaps that is the reason we seem to be in constant flux.

We are not yet balanced.

While we fight, and debate, and deny and debunk; we keep ourselves from getting to the point of it all. We procrastinate through the minefields of other’s beliefs that we have taken on as our own.

Dogma doesn’t work. It doesn’t flow, and if it doesn’t flow it has no life, no – balance.

We must re-tune to the wavelength that is ours and ours alone – reach the home services in order to get the message we left for ourselves.

This is transitional work, how we go about it and what we are doing with others in our Karmic group depends on the choices we make.

If we don’t understand that we have choice at all; if we don’t get the memo about how wonderful we are and we are browbeaten by other’s wounds then we have little chance of healing our own wounds and in that manner of ipso facto holding other’s back from healing theirs.

We really like to hoard wounds it seems.

We take from our Father’s and Mother’s yes probably to the seventh generation those wounds and we carry them life after life, allowing them to enslave us to the notion of ‘not enough’, that dis-ease of ‘being less than’.

Fundamentally we choose to be just that. We choose to serve that Daemon of non-entity – why?

I know it’s like catching lightening in a bottle.

Belief is like that – it stretches beyond our ken most of the time.

Our only reference is what someone else tells you it means and that might not even be what it means to them, they are only telling you what they were told and are too fearful to question it.

Alberto Villoldo speaks of ‘imprints’ and the tracking of them through the auric field to see which chakra they are attached to – which are not surprising for most manifestations of ‘wounding’ though some may well be presenting as one when they are in fact blocked farther down.

Ancestral Threads again this fits with the prophesying of the seven generations in the bible.

How do we find our own true selves then?

Myself, I have wondered and wandered and come to understand that the vocalising of one’s needs, wants is not just about stamping our feet and whining, it is about singing our Soul’s songs. I have a voice, as do you. It doesn’t have to be a beautiful voice, dulcet toned or velvet smooth; it just has to be an honest voice. My voice, my view, my truth, my Self. That will be enough, for surely being true to oneself makes the voice beautiful as it is uniquely one’s own.

As our friend Andrew Steed often says, ‘we are all singers and we own our own voices, we have our own songs’.  Only we can sing our truths – perhaps this is why the lone Wolf sings to the moon laden night sky, praying his truth so the others know his story and do they join him in harmony, rejoicing at the diamond light stars as they appear on their journey across space and time? Do they recognise the changing constellations? Do those constellations hear those Soul songs and hold them sacred in the breast of the Universe?

Do the Bears dream, asleep in their dens in the deep mid-winter as the Mother Bears take themselves into the womb of the earth as their own constellation Ursa Major & minor follow each other across the late Autumn skies?

Deep in the earth are they singing their own truths too?

We are the result of the songs we sing.

We are the writers and the editors of our story – our Self claims space within and holds the Soul song waiting for us to clear our throats, raise our faces to the skies and send out that prayer to the Ubiquitous Universe.



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