Nicholas Breeze Wood, the editor and producer of the dedicated e-zine Sacred Hoop has compiled some articles about Shamanic practice. This collection of articles is free but if you want to know more, have Sacred Hoop delivered to your inbox 4 times a year for a very small subscription fee it’s an absolute joy to have. Covering diverse traditions from all over the globe. What is Shamanism? contains articles from notable and respected Shaman and practitioners. Sacred Hoop can also be printed as hard copy, see the website for details.

There are many discussions as to what Shamanism is, who are Shamans and whether or not there are Shamans in the Western world, hailing from nations not classically categorised as ‘Tribes’ which is a bit simplistic but it is much too big a subject to go into here and now.

Read through the articles, see what you think, feel, want to understand then if you would like to know more maybe we can help. Spiral Heart Healing

Good reading !



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