Arran, A Magical Space

Arran kilmory Lammas Fayre

As mentioned before on just about every social media site we are on, we were at the Lammas Fayre on Arran at the weekend.  As you can see from the picture above we were making ceremony – a water ritual to be exact. Though ‘exact’ is not really the word to use… Continue reading “Arran, A Magical Space”


Things I’m Grateful for this Summer Solstice…

Source: Things I’m Grateful for this Summer Solstice…

As I wrote in my piece re the Summer Solstice, many people see it in different and inspiring ways. If you are not sure what to do with yourself for any of the Solstice’s or even the equinoxes then get to know them and find a way of understanding how the year turns, get back to being a human being… in time not out of it. This helps us to be mindful and grateful for all that is and it gives us the ability to rest our minds being mindful of how much we need that. Just a thought.