You’ve Got To Give To Get

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It’s relative – right?

Action – reaction Einstein had a lot to say about it. He also is said to have made some interesting things about the generations to follow his. Something about birthing a world of idiots. I am of course paraphrasing here and it may well not have been his words – that happens a LOT these days with certain social media sites. Whoever decided that getting everything and giving nothing was ok?

There is a belief going around like some kind of virus – it has been for a long time now, and it is doing what viruses do – it mutates to fit it’s situation so it sustains and survives.

It is the belief that dis-ease is someone else’s fault and it is someone else’s responsibility to fix it. Fault and blame are not part of the deal.

So many people come for healing/counselling and for teaching with this expectation that it will all be done for them with next to no effort from themselves. Hey, they turned up that should be enough – yes?  No!

There are some who will visit so many different Healers looking for a pill to cure their ill. They are looking for someone else to ‘do the work’ for them.  They don’t want to have the inconvenience of going through a process where they are fully involved and responsible for the outcome, after all what is going on with them is nothing to do with them. It’s not their job to fix it.

I think it is the perception of the word ‘healing’ Definition It’s a word with so many meanings, when taken as a noun it can be taken that it means ‘curative’ Definintion When ‘Healers’ talk of ‘healing’ we mean the process, we mean it as the adjective form. We don’t cure.

Yes, there will be people who are ‘healed’. Usually the dis-ease is the symptom not the root.  There are so many things that go on in the physical body that are the manifestation of emotional/spiritual/psychological events, and vice versa so it is not an easy thing to know for the person involved just what it is that is causing the malaise. Are they depressed and anxious because of some physical insult or is it psychological.

We make our own reality.

We make it though from the bones of the relationships we were exposed to. We relate to all situations in life not just the way we were taught but with the emotional state of those who were teaching us at the time.

Whether they knew it or not.

Fear is the root of anger, pain, violence and hate.

So in order to see things differently and to make different decisions, to choose differently – we have to put a little bit of perspective into the mix.

You have to put a little bit of work into life in order for it to give you so much more – that is a gift. The Universe is just continually allowing us access to wonderful things but we have to do something to get something.


Teach the children well. Teach them how to make it work by putting effort into what they want to get out of life.

If you don’t know how to do that – then you can choose to put some effort into learning how to do it yourself and show them.

Expectations are ubiquitous. They are like the ‘French fries’ of the Universe. They lead to so many disappointments and compound fear too.

People, especially family will ‘live down’ to expectations so be very careful what you say and how you say it. Especially to yourself.

You know you are all ways listening to your Self now don’t you?

They say animals can smell fear. We are animals – mammals. We have some amazing fear detectors, pheromones.

Thought is chemistry.

Your thoughts make the world you live in.

Put a little bit of work into how you want to be in the world. Take a little time to look at how you might help your Self with dis-ease.

As it sounds dis-ease is not just physical, it is mental, emotional and Spiritual.

Shamanism will not allow you to give your well being completely over to the Healer. If you want to be healed, you have to do a bit of work yourself.

It is not for the feint of heart. It is though one of the most enlightening, deep and powerful ways to heal your wounded Self.  Just give a little and it’s amazing what you get in return.

be well, be blessed, be loved.




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