No destiny without destination

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There is no destination without destiny and no destiny without a destination. Our destined departure date is not really in our sights more often than not…or at least until it begins to loom large in the consciousness. With that in mind the answer the cat gives to Alice at the crossroads is right. When you don’t know where you are going there is no point in mithering over which road to take.

Part of the adventure of it all?  The journey into the West is something we know is inevitable but many societies, particularly the Western societies (ironically enough) the preparations for that journey are all ways last minute. Although there comes a time when we do get to understand it is closer than we might think; not just when those scare mongering insurance companies ladle on the guilt factors. As if we don’t already have enough insurance to cover our funeral bills!

From the moment we are born we are on a timer – we have an expected span. Some of us won’t meet that expectation, indeed some of us will surpass it. So really it is the time in the ‘tween space that really counts. What we do and what we learn and who we do and learn it all with.

That is where the discussion comes in about destiny.

I once read somewhere that the difference between destiny and fate was that destiny was the thing you went out to meet and fate was what you were left with when you were too afraid to get out of the rut or not ‘stay in your place’.

Who decides that by the way?

It doesn’t have to stay that way you know. Inspiration can come from many different sources. Now we have the internet there are so many more. It’s all about the stories we listen to, and that very much starts with the storytelling we do for ourselves.

Depending on your generation (which is such a shame I think) you will have memory of someone reading you a story, a Faerie Story or telling you a Folktale. Here for me is where inspiration can begin – and unfortunately so can despair. Any story, every story will be what you relate to within it. If you have a story where the hero/ine is downtrodden and has so much stuff going on that makes their lives hard, do you dwell on that and miss the point where they are thrust into the path of destiny and change their lives by showing heart and gratitude and not a little cunning?

Do you believe it’s just a story, because the person reading it to you believed that too? Have you had the ‘potty training’ litany of ‘It’s time you grew up and stopped believing in…’

There are many of us who know that litany well. However we also didn’t let it get too far into our hearts. The embers of a new story with us as the hero/ine sit waiting for the breath of inspiration to light them up again. That can be where destiny comes in. For even though in our heads, our sensible everyday heads, we hear that old bell tolling out the harsh truth of it all (?) that wee ember is still there warming the cockles of our hearts and waiting for the wind of change.

Let’s face it. Without imagination and the desire to see things change we would all still be in caves… if we were still here at all. Without storytelling the adventures of those who did and still do, dare to dream and who keep faith with themselves and their connection to the Universe, we would have few stories and much less inspiration in our lives.

Here is an example of two wonderfully Wild Women in their own ways who took the idea of telling tales and how to do that to the next level – and then some.

Let’s start with Caroline Johnstone – a quiet, very softly spoken lady from Northern Ireland, such a lilt she has in her voice. Quiet yes but a purpose-full woman who knows what it is to be ‘in’ this life. All of the lessons she has learned she has taken and built into courses on Journalling, also she writes the most amazingly adept and heart sore at times poetry, that can catch you unawares and then steals its way into your heart and mind and then POW! Your Soul starts to resonate to the chords of the song that poem is singing. Even then there is more, her path has taken her down many roads, some of which were fertile and abundant and some which were less so, much less so.

What she did in that instance was – Dared to Be Happier! This is where you will find her on the internet under ‘Dare To Be Happier and this she does with alacrity. She derring dared herself into writing a book on Journalling and now there is another that is stirring in the fertile ground of her mind. You can see her on Instagram under @carolinejohnstonewrites and you can  get her book on Introduction to the Magic of Journalling on Amazon,the book launch is in Glasgow on the 23rd Aug 2018, but it’s being live streamed via an event on Facebook so you can look that up. This book, I highly recommend it to anyone who is Spiritual, non Spiritual, not sure, or not bothered – it’s for everyone. Also on her Instagram you can see her daily poem – all this and 365 poems.

Breathe, now cause here is the other Wonderfully Wild Woman, Jane Talbot aka @IntrepidJane who became ‘Intrepid’ when she also made a year long commitment to this wee thing called ‘Adventure’; deciding to have an adventure a day for a year – just a thought there might be something in this idea… – she proved that she could have a whale of a time by challenging herself to learn new skills and do new things everyday and she blogged about it. Now one of those days, she decided to learn about trees. Then she learned about Hawthorn trees, which led her to hear about the Folklore around these tress in her adopted home, Northern Ireland.

Through this adventure she began a much bigger adventure – one that has taken her to all corners of the world but most especially to the Hebrides in Scotland and the exploration of her surroundings where she lives.

Here the Faerie Thorn & Other Stories was born. It was published, but of course that was not the end of that either. There is another book to come, but it is not just a book, no ! At the moment she is touring some of the new stories as a one woman show ‘The Wonder Tales’ and if you can get to see that well, really, you should.

Not one to be sitting around, in the tween time she has also gotten involved with the women writers of Northern Ireland, giving them a voice and she has just completed two readings in Glasgow, you can see more about her here, Jane Talbot Storyteller & Writer Now some would say that there was no real destination here, but that may yet have to be revealed after all, even destiny and destination involve the journey – and it’s what you pack into that suitcase that really counts.

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