pexels-photo-551588.jpegMy usual expression of total confusion at something someone has said, or written or is relating to me they have heard.I just read a post by someone who’s cat – yes – cat was cyber bullied on Twitter. It’s amazing really the amount of people, who are really just ‘nosey-parkering’ let’s face it, who believe it is their right to jump into an obviously private and ‘in the know’ conversation and hijack it to salve their own sense of wounded sensibility.’

You can say, ‘well it is a public forum and really it’s to be expected if the comments box is an option for anyone’. It really takes me back to the blog the other day with the ‘Are you feeling yourself?’. My Austrian friend’s retort in place of my ‘Eh?

It does show though, that most of the time when someone does this – they’re really not ‘feeling themselves’, they are really very much out of sorts. Off kilter, out of balance.

We see a lot of people like this, and most of the time they don’t even realise they are being offensive, or how much it is hurting them, emotionally, Spiritually, sometimes even physically. They are sitting in the comfort of their homes or workplace (?) perusing social media and something steps on their big belief and value toe!

They just have to address the situation as their dander is well and truly up!

How many times has it happened to you?

How many times have you succumbed and then instantly regretted, or indeed gone onto a mile long thread of comments, misunderstandings and even in the worst case scenario,  been involved in a slanging match in that oh so public of arenas?

It has happened to me a couple of times and when it has, I have found myself wondering just what was going on with me that made me fire on all cylinders.

When we are quick to anger it is usually because someone has overstepped your boundaries in some way or there is fear based concern. It intrigues me to know which buttons are being pushed and why.

It’s like that when we journey for ourselves and sometimes for others. We are going to other World realities and we are going to get the information we need to bring back for whoever has come to us for help.

Yes, we know what anger is. We feel it. We express it – we are human after all. It’s done in a respectful way, though, this expression of the energy of anger. It is something we know is important for us to pay attention to. So we sit with it and we look at it, sometimes we even journey to the Spirit of the anger.

This way we learn what’s eating at us and we can do something about it. It’s a lesson, a challenge.

When we are journeying on another’s behalf then we have to be really careful that we don’t ‘inherit’ their energy, that we don’t take it on as our own, especially in the cases of really deep Spiritual wounds.

Perhaps that is what happens when people jump onto a thread on platforms such as Twitter – their energy is not compatible with the Spirit of the conversation and so chaos ensues.

Anger is a natural emotion. It has at it’s root fear. All too often that is what is behind aggression.

Remember to check in with yourself, be mindful of your energy when you are perusing your favourite social media sites and remember some of the posts are there to incite and inspire emotive reactions. Don’t get hoodwinked into giving away your power to someone else’s wounds by exposing your own. When a conversational thread is ironic and indeed an ‘in joke’ between friends it’s best to leave well enough alone. Allow it to be what it is and nothing more. That way your blood pressure will stay stable and your ‘stuff’ won’t be out there for people to see in perpetuity.

It’s far too much work to be policing these things anyway. Be ‘feeling yourself’ be ‘mindful of your actions and reactions. Be cool.

Be Well, Be Blessed, Be Loved



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