Manifesting, You’re Reality

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I know you’re thinking, ‘that’s a right in your face, bad English, use of the apostrophe’ right?

Wrong!Read it again, that title and let it sit a bit. Then read the shared post from Dr Perry.   Do you get it yet?

You are your reality, you make every day with every thought you think, every choice you make, every decision – that is all energy and that energy becomes whatever story you are reciting to your Self and to others every day of your life.

It’s a bummer when you think of all the things you could be manifesting instead, yes?

Well, you may be thinking to yourself, ‘if it’s that easy how come I don’t live in the lap of luxury with my favourite person?’

The simple answer is YOU’RE IN A RUT.

This rut this ‘Marianas Trench’ that is so huge and yet so hidden is really what it is all about. How much stuff is down there? I mean really – how can we not continually dredge up the stuff that is just there from, oh how many generations of ‘history’.

All that we believe to be true, all that makes up who we are. Who are we to change that?

Oh yes the Law of Attraction, this is true, we are attracting our own rut. We build it everyday. With every thought, with every tale we tell ourselves.

We tell the history of us and that forms the basis for the future of us. We all construct a reality that is ‘known’ but then there are some of us who see it all with different eyes.

Some who take ‘views’ of things before slapping a label of ‘truth’ on them.

Yet things can be so very different in our dreams.  Those who are walking in different shoes, see different things.

If not for those who would take their idea of what reality should be like we might not have a lot of what we have now, like this thing here, the internet. Like space travel. We are at Source, explorers. We like to know things. Don’t we?

How often have you seen a picture of something or someone that you didn’t instantly recognise because it was from a totally unexpected view?

Cryptic clues in crosswords, some people can get them some people just don’t even try. they are happy not having to work so hard for a little diversion. It’s fun though, to look at them, those cryptic clues, and after a while get to know how the person who sets them thinks. You get an insight to how their mind works and that can show you a whole different perspective on life.

One way to realise you’re reality is when you make ceremony for anything, particularly though when giving gratitude. It is at these times everyone becomes mindful, if only for a second or two while the words are being expelled from your Self and powered by the feeling behind them.

Ceremony when it is not just ‘lip service’ is something again that when you really look at it with some perspective, can change how you feel about it.

We are entrenched in a lot of things that we really don’t feel are necessary but that is because we don’t understand what relevance it has in our lives. We are not mindful of it, but it is usually part of our community and that which binds us to that community so we carry on regardless.

Is that serving either though?

Taking reality at face value, it is a personal thing. My reality is more than likely very differnent to yours, no matter how much commonality of Spirituality, politics or life experiences.

I hold it to be true that I make my reality and when I make a complete ballsup of it I know I can just get myself together and edit my story, tell my Self to buck up and make those dreams happen.

I know I can because I have been doing it unconsciously for years, now I am learning how to do it consciously and appropriately. For some – let’s be honest – most of my family that makes me ‘weird’ and I cannot think of a better label – cause let’s face it I made that reality and I get to decide how I feel about it.

Oh it suits me just fine. I get to do things and go places that make me happy and enrich the experience of my life. I don’t always get it right but then if it was that easy we’d all be sitting pretty doing what we liked ALL the time.

We are here to learn – I am learning, learning to look at things and tell my story differently now.

What are you learning?







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