The Body Talks

When your body talks do you listen?  Shamanically everything has Spirit, we as a rule believe we have ‘a’ Spirit or Soul – therefore we have another ally when it comes to what we are doing in our daily lives and how we are doing. Don’t we?The title of this post is more than just those words. It’s an event being run by my good friend Jo Ridley, who is giving this course for free on Facebook. The Body Talks Event from the 24th of April will take you through some exercises and allow you to understand how even though we don’t realise it we are all ways listening in to our Selves and our Selves are listening into us tell everyone our story… whether it’s our story or not anyway here is a snippet (?) well ok a large dollop of a conversation we had around the subject of manifesting our reality and being through the stories we tell, believe and live.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>A Chat With Jo See it here and remember ‘you’re listening’ so make what you say to yourself and to others something positive and good for you. I will be continuing with this thread from time to time, mainly because it is something that I find fascinating, all that we tell ourselves and that we ‘took on’ from those around us when we were children. They not realising we were taking so much to heart and it would play out later on, not even realising that most of their stories were taken and written by those who were their elders, parents, repeating their own falsehoods.

It’s never ending – unless we end it here and now. We can. We can edit and change our story, it starts with listening. Listen to what you say and what you think. Those stray thoughts are all energetic building bricks. They are what you believe in the deepest darks of your mind and hearts. So when you hear yourself say something like, I can’t, you can’t, it’s not my place to, then listen to it and hear whose voice you heard it from first. Question wether that ideal actually belongs to you and if not or you’re not sure, change it. Re word it. Make it into something that fits with the way you want your life to be.

Other people’s stories are history, and we are doomed to repeat that history if we don’t learn the lessons. Just because it happened generations ago doesn’t mean we are not hearing or experiencing a version of that energy.

Be a rebel, be your own self. As Oscar Wilde said, ‘You cannot be anyone else, they’re all taken’. I may be paraphrasing there, but that is the jist of it.

If you don’t know who you are, don’t you think it’s time to find out? Don’t be dispirited. Be empowered. Where there’s life, there’s Spirit, hope and change. Everything has Spirit.

Be Well, Be Blessed, BeLoved



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