The Deepest Of Darks

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” — Albert Camus


The Calla Lily is usually thought of as a funereal bloom, it was used by the Romans to lay upon the graves of the soldiers fallen in battle. A heroes flower.

This flower though, is also seen as a flower of purity and has been used for bridal bouquets.  They are really very beautiful and really resilient bulbs.

Due to their brightness they would also be brought in as signs of the return of the light and so we, personally use them for the Winter Solstice celebrations.

The ritual that we make each year, bringing in an evergreen tree or shrub, into our homes comes from this idea; that in the deepest of darks we shall endure to the other side of Winter just as the evergreen will do. We bedeck our trees with decorations and lights to make this rite of passage, a solitary sentinel against the long nights.

There within us is Albert Camus’ invicible Summer that is the seed of Spring nurtured all through the deepest dark as it dreams of becoming under Winter’s blankets of snow and ice’s deep kisses.  All is quiet, all is asleep, but all is dreaming; just as we dream ourselves into being again each new morning until that one morning when we know, we just know that the dark times have begun to recede and the light returns again.

So you see, there are so many celebrations to be more mindful of. It is at this time and utilising the symbology of the evergreen and the Calla Lily that we can tackle the subversive malaise that is Seasonal Affected Disorder.

Simplistic? yes! It is as simple as that, it is also as with most things much deeper at the same time.

Being mindful of the condition and understanding there is more that we can be pro-actively motivated by we can begin to take charge on more than just the surface level. We can be motivated to be better by understanding the symbology and making this rite of passage, bringing in the light to our selves.

For more information on how to do this and being proactive with S.A.D look for announcements here and on Facebook re workshops and seminars on dealing with this for yourself.

Be mindful of your self as we slip into the deep dark of Winter’s grip. Be aware of what you’re needs are. Keep yourself warm and well.

I wish you a peaceful Winter and that all good things are germinating in the garden of your Universal Mind.

A blessed Yule to you all.

Be Well, Be Blessed, Be Loved


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