Getting Longer In The Tooth

Keeper of the Hearth Fire

Brede by the Hearth. Leslie Marsh

The picture above is quite possibly the one we think of when we are nearing certain milestones in our lives.

Actually, I have had that picture in my mind for the past 3 decades or so. There is nothing I like more than the idea of sitting in front of a cosy fire, cat in the corner and probably a dog stretched out somewhere in the room snoring his head off… which could also be a description of the other half crashed out on the sofa of an afternoon – I realise now.

The thing is, this picture is about comfort. It’s about being in your space and it being ‘just right’, (yes, still dropping the odd Faerie Tale bomb).

We are all looking for our ‘Goldilocks’ moments and as with the little lady, it has to be on our terms. After all the in the real story she’s more sleekit than innocent!

The only thing that we don’t feel we have control over is the seasons of our lives.

This milestone time, I am going to say for me is late Autumn,early Winter. The image is one I did of Brede (Bridget) Goddess of the Hearth, new beginnings.

Incongruant? Not at all. There is some evidence of the belief that Brede is in fact just another face of the Cailleach, that they are one in the same. At the turn of the seasons from Winter to Spring the Cailleach goes into hibernation and Brede comes out with the sun, bringing new life and energy with her.

My hair is grey by choice, in that it is naturally grey and I choose not to pretend otherwise.  Perhaps that’s my ‘grumpy old Mare’ coming out – with age though, comes the advantage of – ‘I don’t really care what others think of it’, The Scarlett O’Hara attitude.

I am comfortable with my choice.

Growing into my grand state, as I have decided to call it, I realise that as I believed, and do still, I am a ‘late bloomer’.

I am about to reach one of those milestone ages, when the consensus has been in the past that we should be thinking of slowing down, resting; just waiting to leave it all. You know the ‘grow old gracefully’ bit.

Not on your Nelly!

I have learned how to ‘Stop The World’, I have been in accidents with cars, buses and elephants, so what would I be doing sitting on my knitting all the time? I can revel in the Cailleach in me and still reach and nurture the Brede energy of new beginnings.

This has to do with knowing I can, and understanding that with all the resources I have with Shamanic teaching, healing and Speaking, I have so much choice now. So much more than ever before.

I was at a seminar yesterday, and we were talking about how we tell our story. Who we tell our story to and what that means to us.

The real importance of storytelling in life, not just for children, but for all aspects and ages of life.

The inspiration of those who have gone before, sticking two fingers up at the idea of a number being something to hold us back from achieving goals. Taking heart and getting to the heart of things in life, not looking back except to say, ‘Yes, that lesson is learned and now let’s go forward with the wisdom of it and see what comes next!’

We are constantly in a healing way. We mend daily the ravages of our past life’s errors and challenges. Still though we can choose to not just make do and mend but cut new cloth. Find new patterns to wear and to show ourselves off in a better light with.

By learning to love ourselves, and our story, by telling it differently now; and by that I mean seeing the positive instead of mithering on the negative, we can open up a whole new vista of adventures.

Whether they be great or small, near or far, it’s all about the journey.

We journey in different realities, mine is all ways slightly different to yours, yours is the same to another etc.

We are in the deep mid Winter, where we shall soon know the Cailleach has recently been abroad fetching firewood for the snap that is to come.

Dream the dreams of Winter, and find a story that you want to put a new spin on, come and see us. Journey with us.

Adventures, you can have them anywhere because realities are ubiquitous and plenty. Come sit a spell and join others who are waiting to journey with you.

contact: or message through facebook @JourneyCirclesGlasgow, @Spiralhearthealing




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