Being Me

Allowing my self to be Me took an act of rebellion at a very early age. Rebellion may be a bit too strong a word, let’s just say I have the ‘maverick’ gene.

Following on from yesterday and my discovery of Edgar Allan Poe; books helped form my attitude to life. Imagination and the magic of connection with Nature – well, I spoke of the trip to Mt Kailash and there you can see I was literally on top of the world with the biggest puppy ever; a 3 month old Tibetan Mastif Tashi, coincidentally (if such a thing exists) the name of our Driver too.

It was one of those acts of rebellion in a way to take this trip. It was indeed the trip of a lifetime, it had taken much of my lifetime to get there. I was diagnosed with M.E in 2002 after years of misdiagnosis from Yuppie Flu to S.A.D. I had already begun to work on the issue with NLP, Hypnosis and my Shamanic resources. My best and most effective ally, was my Self. The determined maverick Self who whispered, ‘yes, you can. Yes, it will take effort, and it will take planning and YES, YOU WILL.’

My life is full of magic and wonder and I get to see that every day, all I have to do is look with those ‘eyes that see in the dark’ and all is revealed. I am all ways more than I think I am, and the way I am reminded of this is by looking at what people say I cannot do and then doing those things.

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