Arran lammas fayre 3


Shamanism in Scotland? There is more than you would think at first perhaps. Here we shall endeavour to keep you abreast of events and up to date information on what is happening and how things are changing.

If you are Pagan, non-orthodox, or just unsure, Shamanism is not a religion per se, it is a belief system and is gregarious and ubiquitous in its applications in life.

It’s about Spirit, walking between the veils of realities. You can see a great bunch of articles released by Nicholas Breeze Wood editor and publisher of The Sacred Hoop a dedicated quarterly e-zine on Shamanism taken from sources all over the world. Authenticity is key for anyone in Shamanic Practice, so seek carefully for those who ‘Walk their Talk’

It’s not woolly, it’s not hippy-dippy – it’s serious stuff and if you are serious about finding your Self and the healing that you need this may be the way to go. That is not to say that we don’t laugh, Oh, my do we laugh! We celebrate life, the Universe, the Earth we live on and all that lives on it, in, of it as well. As with everything though you need to be aware that it is you who does the work really. Your path is yours, and only you can walk it. You can be aided by guides introduced and brought to you. You can learn to connect and to journey. Then you choose, ah, but no, you don’t because you see Spirit chooses you – not the other way around.

Intrigued much… ? Seek on!


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