Compass Check! Where Are You Heading?

I like to think that my Universal Mind is all ways on my side. I gift myself the ‘noticing’ of things ergo nothing is really random, it’s just that we randomly notice things…or do we?

That’s the thing with the Universal Mind, Google models it.

Did you know that?

The way we make choices/decisions in life is all about what we set our radar for. That happens first when we are taught – beliefs/values and these are proven to us until they are like installed software…

There are so many different ways to be in this life of ours that we can get overwhelmed by it all.

Still though, we come back to what we know; what we believe to be right. There lies the rub!

If we are always doing the same things we will all ways get the same experiences and answers.

To paraphrase Einstein, it would be madness to think otherwise.

I am an Holistic Coach & Consultant. My resource is to think outside of the box, not only to think it but to make it a reality.

So if you would like to know more, have a chat with me about how I can help you navigate the stormy seas of life’s everchanging weather and show you the map references to a safe harbour.

here is my calendar link and I am offering a 30min chat for free. Use it well. Let’s talk about venturing out from the box and into the World again.

We are all ways more than we think – Milton Erickson.


Being Me

Allowing my self to be Me took an act of rebellion at a very early age. Rebellion may be a bit too strong a word, let’s just say I have the ‘maverick’ gene.

Following on from yesterday and my discovery of Edgar Allan Poe; books helped form my attitude to life. Imagination and the magic of connection with Nature – well, I spoke of the trip to Mt Kailash and there you can see I was literally on top of the world with the biggest puppy ever; a 3 month old Tibetan Mastif Tashi, coincidentally (if such a thing exists) the name of our Driver too.

It was one of those acts of rebellion in a way to take this trip. It was indeed the trip of a lifetime, it had taken much of my lifetime to get there. I was diagnosed with M.E in 2002 after years of misdiagnosis from Yuppie Flu to S.A.D. I had already begun to work on the issue with NLP, Hypnosis and my Shamanic resources. My best and most effective ally, was my Self. The determined maverick Self who whispered, ‘yes, you can. Yes, it will take effort, and it will take planning and YES, YOU WILL.’

My life is full of magic and wonder and I get to see that every day, all I have to do is look with those ‘eyes that see in the dark’ and all is revealed. I am all ways more than I think I am, and the way I am reminded of this is by looking at what people say I cannot do and then doing those things.

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New Course Coming!

Talking Sticks and a bag to carry them in…

These designs are based on dot work.
Spirited and worked on in a state of trance, the images and designs flow when the maker is in flow.

In an earlier blog on Talking Sticks, it was explained how it came to be that I began to make them. Each one is unique and we have some for sale too, mainly from the first picture.

To make your own though, now that is something else entirely. There are many ways to make them, you can of course go out find a stick in the woods and decorate it with some twine, some beads and a bit of fur if that is what you feel like doing. It will be fit for purpose as it is chosen for that purpose, and in a way it reveals itself to the person when it wants to be so used.

Then there is the way of connecting with the energy of the stick that you find, (and if you don’t want to wait for a piece you have seasoned yourself, you can go to a craft shop or online and you can get some all ready to decorate). I am in the way of believing that the right stick will find you.

It is then a case of understanding the Spirit of the stick and the energy that will come from working with that Spirit. You may be very surprised and not just a little bit delighted at what can come from this endeavour.

Even the mistakes, or should I say, perceived mistakes can be beautiful.

The new course will have pdf. downloads attached to it for more in depth (not too much though) information on Talking Sticks and their uses in modern society as well as their historical importance. It is a way of being totally ‘in time’ as your hands are busy and your conscious mind takes a bit of a back seat while you and the Spirit of the stick sit in congress. An experience in deep connection, farther even than mindfulness, I would say. For myself I find it so deeply satisfying, surprising and humbling: I cannot think of a better way to honour a fallen branch. Indeed, I cannot think of a better way to connect to Spirit. It is well known that the Art and Craft of making these tools and others like them for Spiritual work is deep and so very powerful. Shamans have been known for ‘smythies’ transfiguration and transmutation of so many things physical and non physical.

The great thing is to experience the moments. To be in complete concert with the object and your energy, remember this, your energy while you do this will become one with the item. A stick, a bone, a stone, a cloth, a lenght of thread or wool. What you put into it will manifest itself in what you put on it, the energies of both will become mingled.

This is how magic is made. This is how touchstones and lucky bits and bobs have power. It is infused into them, any that they hold in themselves is then magnified.

So when you go to work on something check your emotions and purposefully infuse positive and wonderful things into your chosen material.

7 ways you can be as healthy as me

A blog (Faulty Marrow) is a Cran Tara, a call out to all, saying “THIS IS IMPORTANT, READ ME NOW! This blog is raw, and vital and for you. Jodi Paula has zeroed in on a highly personal experience, highly personal, very pertinent issue of her journey and her perspectives of healing and self – reliance. She is honest, brutally sometimes and we can feel her pain… and her determination.

Read this and then go read it all. Start from the beginning and learn the journey of a warrior’s heart.

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Arran lammas fayre 3

We are still working away here at Spiral Heart. We don’t want you to think we have forgotten about you while we are off making ritual and ceremony in some lovely places, I have to say… so here’s a wee Lammas Gift.  Look out for more news on our online courses, from the very beginning of your journey to being in the thick of it – we’ve got you covered!

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