Compass Check! Where Are You Heading?

I like to think that my Universal Mind is all ways on my side. I gift myself the ‘noticing’ of things ergo nothing is really random, it’s just that we randomly notice things…or do we?

That’s the thing with the Universal Mind, Google models it.

Did you know that?

The way we make choices/decisions in life is all about what we set our radar for. That happens first when we are taught – beliefs/values and these are proven to us until they are like installed software…

There are so many different ways to be in this life of ours that we can get overwhelmed by it all.

Still though, we come back to what we know; what we believe to be right. There lies the rub!

If we are always doing the same things we will all ways get the same experiences and answers.

To paraphrase Einstein, it would be madness to think otherwise.

I am an Holistic Coach & Consultant. My resource is to think outside of the box, not only to think it but to make it a reality.

So if you would like to know more, have a chat with me about how I can help you navigate the stormy seas of life’s everchanging weather and show you the map references to a safe harbour.

here is my calendar link and I am offering a 30min chat for free. Use it well. Let’s talk about venturing out from the box and into the World again.

We are all ways more than we think – Milton Erickson.


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