Questions and Answers

What’s that then…?

When the previous answer was Shaman, Shamanism or Shamanic, the above is most often the next question.

There are a few glib, one liners that describe Shamanic practice, ‘A magico-religious belief system’ is one, but of course it’s not completely right – it’s not a Religion. Then of course there is the ‘earth based animistic beliefs’ – closer still, it is very much to do with the Earth and everything to do with animals also.

How does that explain something so vast to someone who doesn’t know very much about it?

This is when we get into the ‘similarity-familiarity convolution’. The collective understanding of something vaguely Shamanic that is known by the greater population, the Native American Medicine Man. That brings up all sorts of interesting connotations in the minds of those who may have seen the odd Kevin Costner film. It is still a little bit on the simplistic side.

I prefer show to tell really.

For me it is an experiential thing. It is something that once experienced is recognised as a long forgotten memory.

Respect, responsibility and rebirth are the 3 R’s of Shamanism and they are at the heart of its teachings.

In the next few weeks I will be Vlogging more about this, and how to experience it with us.

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